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The latest tick-borne disease prevention information for residents and visitors to Islesboro, Maine

As in many parts of Maine, especially along the coast, in recent years the incidence of tick-borne disease on Islesboro has been rising steadily. The first case of Lyme disease on the island was diagnosed in 2002. In 2008 there were 18 cases, and by 2019 the total had risen to 80. The totals vary widely from year to year.
Tick-Borne Disease on Islesboro, 2020: Download PDF

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Prevention on Islesboro

Since 2008, the Town has taken a series of initiatives to reduce the risk of contracting tick-borne disease on Islesboro and Seven Hundred Acre Island (Chronology). The Lyme Disease Research Committee, set up by the Health Center in that year, was succeeded by the Lyme Disease Prevention Committee, active in 2009/10. In April 2010 the Tick-Borne Disease Prevention Committee was established, producing a report and recommendations to the Selectmen in 2011. By 2014, when much more had been learned about tick-borne diseases, the current Tick-borne Disease Prevention Committee (T-bDPC), a sub-committee of the Islesboro Health Center Advisory Board, was formed.

Tick-borne Disease Prevention Committee
The committee is a sub-committee of the Islesboro Health Center Advisory Board.
The committee's mission is to collect and disseminate information to the Selectmen and to the Islesboro community-at-large about tick-borne disease and its prevention on Islesboro and elsewhere. We consider this website to be a vital part of our work.
MEMBERSDerreth Roberts, ChairLinda Gillies, SecretaryLinda Wentworth, NP